Service & Team

Our team delivers personal service and memorable spaces to all our clients.

Interior Design

We assist each client to conceptualize their ideas for renovations or new buildings and turning your space into your dream space.


Our experienced procurement team ensures that your dreams are turned into reality when it comes to products needed in your project. We have more than 20 000 products on file, supplying from foundation to roof. For individual requirements we can source once -off special orders and deliver on your site.


Our tender and estimation team assist customers with pricing on detailed building plans or bill of quantities. The team can calculate all material needed for a project from either a bill of quantities or a detailed plan. With the complete list of building material required our sales team will assist our customers with phases of the project. This ensures minimal interruption on the construction site. The team can also assist with technical challenges that might be experienced in the planning phase or during a project. All our customers have the option to apply for 30 Day Credit Account. 


Marissa is an interior consultant who designs, set out and decorates living spaces for private and public clients. Marissa assists every client to conceptualize their ideas for renovations or new buildings. She provides free assistance to the public, architects and developers by coordinating their selection and sourcing specialist products. She networks and pursue cohesive "partnerships" with all other key players in the industry.


Madeline is an impelled methodical operator. Her unconventional approach and appetite to inspire and design allows her to be a remarkable strong suit to the creative team. Capturing her client’s individuality is a very important aspect to her and connecting with her clients through every process. Her humble and dynamic leadership is driven by the passion to create an excellent customer experience.


Nicole is an exceptional design and sales executive with the aspiration to acquire the most refined taste which is the signature of great opulence. She thoroughly enjoys being a part of her clients desires to construct eccentric, exclusive  and memorable spaces that can add significance practicality and gratification to their lifestyle.