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The Functionality of Taps can meet style

Current trends in kitchen and bathroom taps

The kitchen and bathroom taps landscape is evolving rapidly, blending style with functionality to meet diverse consumer preferences. Gone are the days when chrome was the only option; now, you can choose from many finishes, such as bronze, gold, black, satin, and nickel, each bringing its unique aesthetic to your space.

  • Wall-mounted spouts for basins are trending, offering a sleek look and freeing up counter space. 
  • Freestanding bath mixers complement freestanding baths, providing a luxurious feel.
  • Traditional styles are coming alongside ultra-modern designs, catering to those who appreciate a classic touch.

 Factors to consider when selecting taps (finish, style, functionality)

  • Several factors come into play when selecting taps. The finish is crucial; shiny options like chrome reflect light beautifully but may show fingerprints, while satin finishes are more forgiving. 
  • Maintenance is critical, as specific colours require regular upkeep. Warranty periods vary, often between 5 to 15 years, depending on the finish. 
  • Style choices should align with your overall decor—modern taps suit contemporary homes.
  • In contrast, traditional designs might be better for a Studio McGee-inspired look. 
  • Tap dimensions, especially basin height, are also critical to prevent splashing. If plumbing needs significant changes, renovations can be challenging, so it's wise to trace existing installations beforehand.

 Innovations in tap technology (touchless, water-saving features)

  • The world of tap technology is just a little behind in enhancing convenience and sustainability. Pull-out and pull-down sprayer taps are gaining popularity in kitchens for their versatility, allowing precise control over tasks like rinsing dishes or filling pots. 
  • Water-saving features are increasingly important; modern taps often include aerators, flow restrictors, and eco-friendly cartridges to reduce water usage without sacrificing performance. 
  • Thermostat mixers provide hot water on demand, contributing to energy savings, while taps with sparkling and filtered water capabilities are becoming essential for health-conscious consumers, reducing the need for bottled water and limiting contamination. 
  • Having spare parts readily available can also make maintenance more cost-effective, ensuring your taps remain functional for years.
  • Sparkling & filtered water capabilities are always an added bonus and convenient.

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