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Wallpaper Wonders - Bringing Life To Your Walls

Wallpaper has become a popular way to add personality and style to our living spaces.

Wallpaper is an excellent alternative to painting walls and ceilings, offering a versatility that paint often cannot match. With a vast array of patterns, textures, and colours, wallpaper allows homeowners to achieve unique looks that paint alone may struggle to provide.

From intricate designs and bold prints to subtle textures and elegant finishes, wallpaper can transform a space in ways paint cannot.

Additionally, wallpaper can cover imperfections on walls more effectively and can even add a layer of sound insulation. For those looking to make a statement or add a touch of sophistication to their interiors, wallpaper offers a creative and practical solution.

With the latest trends in wallpaper designs and application areas, there is a perfect choice for every room in your home.

Latest Trends in Wallpaper Application & Design

Wallpaper Application Areas:

1. Guest Bathrooms: Guest bathrooms, often without showers, are perfect for bold patterns and colours. These small yet frequently visited spaces can leave a lasting impression on your guests. It is an ideal spot to showcase your unique style with vibrant and eye-catching wallpaper designs.

2. Home Offices/Studies: With more people working from home, creating a cosy, calm, and sophisticated home office is essential. Wallpaper can help enhance focus and comfort, transforming your study nook into an inviting workspace.

3. Ceilings: Wallpapering ceilings is a new trend in residential spaces. However, it has also been seen in exclusive hospitality venues. This bold choice can elevate the design of any room, making it an excellent option for office boardrooms or any space where you want to create a unique focal point.

Wallpaper Designs:

1. Seventies Style: Bold and graphical designs from the seventies are returning. These patterns add a retro yet modern feel to any room.

2. Florals & Nature-Inspired Patterns: These designs bring a touch of the outdoors inside, creating a serene and natural atmosphere.

3. Geometric Patterns: Geometric designs offer a contemporary and stylish look, perfect for modern homes.

4. Dark & Moody Patterns: Dramatic dark-colour patterns can create a striking and sophisticated ambience.

5. Textured Materials: Wallpapers that mimic woven patterns add depth and a tactile element to your walls.

How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Different Rooms

When selecting wallpaper, consider the look and feel you want to achieve.

Are you aiming for a calm and relaxing atmosphere, or do you want to boldly use vibrant colours? The size of the room also matters; large, bold prints work well in spacious areas, while small prints can fade into the background in larger rooms.

Pay attention to the wallpaper material. Some are not suitable for high-traffic areas where they might be touched frequently, as natural fibres can be prone to damage. Visiting a showroom or requesting a video to see the wallpaper physically is always a good idea, as colours can appear different in person.

Tips for Purchasing Wallpaper:

1. Practicality: Ensure the wallpaper is washable and can withstand some humidity. Consider the area's traffic and whether sharp objects might damage it.

2. Batch Numbers: Wallpaper batches can differ slightly, so ensure all rolls come from the same batch.

3. Buy Extra: Purchase an additional roll to account for any mistakes during application or future repairs.

Tips for Maintaining Wallpaper:

1. Avoid Moisture: Excessive humidity can cause wallpaper to peel. Use dehumidifiers or ventilation systems to maintain stable humidity levels.

2. Protect from Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade wallpaper. Use blinds or curtains to block direct sunlight.

3. Prevent Damage: Keep sharp objects away from the wallpaper to avoid scratches and tears.

4. Regular Cleaning: Dust or vacuum the wallpaper at least once a month. Clean any stains immediately with a mild soap solution and a sponge, and be careful not to soak the wallpaper.

 Following these tips and embracing the latest trends can bring life and style to your walls with beautiful and functional wallpaper.

Discover wallpaper options at our outlets located in Windhoek and Walvis Bay.

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